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Anonymity usenet

How save is usenet?

Unlike a peer-2-peer program as Torrents for instance, your IP address is never shown to third parties.
No one can see what you are doing or downloading. We do not keep logs of what you are doing.
This means, when you use our servers, that you are completely anonymous.

If you like you can also setup a encrypted connection (SSL) in your newsclient.
You could change port 119 to 563 or 443

Spotnet settings

How do I enter a usenet access provider?

Provider: Here you choose for your usenet access provider. Is it not in the list? Then choose for ‘Other…’

Server addresses: If you selected a usenet access provider from the list, the server addresses are automatically filled in. Other wise, you will need to enter the address here which you have received from your usenet access provider.

Port: By default the usenet port is 119. It can be changed to 80 or to SSL ports 563 or 443.

Connections: Choose the number of connections that are allowed by your usenet access provider.

Username: Enter your username

Password: Enter your password

How can I use filters?

By default Spotnet 2 has a large number of filters that you can use to search with.
On the left side of the menu you can click on the different filters to browser only in that filter.

Change filter

You can change the filter view to simpel, advanced, or custerom view by blicking ‘Advanced EN‘ behind ‘FILTERS

Add a filter

On the left side in Spotnet you can click on ‘Add filter‘. Check what you want to filter on and name your filter. You only have to click on ‘+‘ next to the name to add the filter to Spotnet.

Can I block user comments?

Yoou can only block comments per user for yourself. Others will still see these comments. For this you click on ‘Add to blacklist‘ in the appropriate comment. You will no longer see a comment from this user.

How can I delete spots outside my retention time?

Spotnet 2 can remove spots automatically after x-number of days. Suppose your usenet access providers gives you 1200 retention days, the older ones will be automatically deleted.

Click on ‘Settings‘ > ‘Advanced‘. Now you will choose for ‘Database‘. Set a check mark on ‘Retention (days)‘ and enter the number of retention days.
You only have to press on ‘OK‘ and Spotnet will remove all the spots outside the server retention.

Usenet errors

482 Username or password incorrect / 502 Authentication Failed

Spotnet could display different error messages. ‘482 Username or password incorrect‘ or ‘502 Authentication Failed‘.
Check if the following settings are correct.

  • Usenet provider (server address)
  • Username
  • Password

430 No Such Article (Mislukt)

If you want to open a spot and you will receive the message ‘430 No Such Article‘ or while downloading ‘Failed‘.┬áThis has to do with your usenet access provider. There may be several reasons why you will receive this error message.

  • The file you want to download through Spotnet is outside your usenet providers retention. Verify that the file falls within the retention time.
  • The file has been removed due a NTD (DMCA). Usenet access providers receive NTD (DMCA) requests to delete files due copyright infringement.

482: Too many connections for your user

The error message ‘482: Too many connections for your user‘ indicates that you have configured too many connections (verbindingen). Decrease the number of connections and try it again.

482: Too many connected hosts for your user

The error message ‘482: Too many connected hosts for your user‘ indicated that your account is active on another location (other external ip address). The subscription you have with your usenet access provider doesn’t have account sharing.

482: Account Suspended

When you receive this error message ‘482: Account Suspended‘ your account has been blocked/suspended This can have multiple causes:

  • Some usenet access providers have night packages. With these packages you are allowed only to download between several hours.
  • Your acocunt has been suspended due to abuse from your account.
    In this case, contact the usenet access providers support department.