Spotnet 2

Version is now available!

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The design has been completely renewed on Spotnet 2. As a result, Spotnet 2 has become much more user-friendly for use.


With the enhanced filters your search results will be much better in Spotnet 2. It’s also very easy to create your own filters with your own preferences.


With a reduced image view, you can easily scroll through the list of spots. By clicking on the image of the particular spot, the full spot will be opened in Spotnet.


Spotnet 2 features an automatic black / white list. On this way you are less likely to get spam and viruses in your Spotnet overview. You can also easily add users to your personal blacklist.

Spotnet Removal Tool

Use this Spotnet Removal Tool (SRT) for a clean Spotnet installation!

When you try to remove Spotnet for your computer, there are still files left. We call this also the hidden Spotnet files. To make sure all files are deleted for a clean installation you should use this Spotnet Removal Tool.

Download SRT 1.3!
Spotnet Removal Tool (SRT)


You can easily solve your problems yourself, using our FAQ. You can also find other useful information in our FAQ.

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Quick installation

Installing Spotnet 2 only takes a few seconds and you can start!


With Spotnet you can search and download in one program. You can also use powerful filters for a good result.


Spotnet 2 is currently the most widely used usenet newsreader in the Netherlands for usenet.


You could easily search in the different categories and genres to get the right search results.

Spotnet updates

Get updates about new Spotnet versions and offers from usenet access providers.